Diwali Rangoli Template 1
Diwali Rangoli Template 2
Diwali Rangoli Template 3
Count the Decorations!
Zoo Map!
Strawberry Ice Lolly Recipe!
Scavenger Hunt!
Learn to draw a Tortoise!
Learn to draw Boo!
Spot the Difference
Match the Questions to the Answers
Marshmallow Pops Recipe
Can you help Herbie get to the bone?
Find the Objects & Pirate Treasure Maze
Can you count the items?
Count the Ducks with Whizzy & Dot to Dot Boris
Colour in Daisy, Ollie & Whizzy
Colour in Daisy, Ollie & Boo
Boo's Banana Maze
Colour in Daisy
Colour in Ollie
Colour in Boo & Whizzy
Colour in Daisy & Ollie - All characters
Colour in Daisy & Ollie

Colour in Ollie

Click on the printer button to print out the activity. You may need to ask someone to help you use your printer.

You can use crayons, pencils, felt tips or a painting brush! Make sure you put some newspaper down first so you don’t make a mess.