Diwali Rangoli Template 1
Diwali Rangoli Template 2
Diwali Rangoli Template 3
Count the Decorations!
Zoo Map!
Strawberry Ice Lolly Recipe!
Scavenger Hunt!
Learn to draw a Tortoise!
Learn to draw Boo!
Spot the Difference
Match the Questions to the Answers
Marshmallow Pops Recipe
Can you help Herbie get to the bone?
Find the Objects & Pirate Treasure Maze
Can you count the items?
Count the Ducks with Whizzy & Dot to Dot Boris
Colour in Daisy, Ollie & Whizzy
Colour in Daisy, Ollie & Boo
Boo's Banana Maze
Colour in Daisy
Colour in Ollie
Colour in Boo & Whizzy
Colour in Daisy & Ollie - All characters
Colour in Daisy & Ollie

Diwali Rangoli Template 1

Click on the printer button to print out the activity. You may need to ask someone to help you use your printer.

You can use crayons, pencils, felt tips or a painting brush! Make sure you put some newspaper down first so you don’t make a mess.