How to film with your mobile phone


Milkshake! Best tips for uploading your images & videos


  • Check the settings on your phone/tablet/camera to make sure you are filming at a higher resolution – at least HD 1280 x 720.
  • Choose a spacious room or outside in your garden and make sure your filming space is safe from any tripping/slipping hazards.
  • Please make sure you hold your phone/tablet with both hands in the correct position – horizontally/landscape Better yet, if you have a mini tripod or a stand, you can use this to hold it.

  • Please make sure you have enough light. Make sure your main source of light is in front of you, not behind you (standing in front of the window doesn’t work well for lighting)

  • Please make sure the camera lens is sitting at or above eye level but not higher than your hairline or lower than your chin. Try to position the camera far enough away to capture the best shot & frame.
  • Please be aware of what is in your shot! Avoid wearing brands or showing brands in the shot.


When you are happy with your video or picture upload it to us – we can’t wait to see them Milkshakers! smiley